Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Three of four screens to span a wall closet, special lighting from the back will really make these delicious!  Beech frames, Port Orford kumiko, 0.3 white Warlon paper and beautiful, matched ribbon stripe Sapele panels. The look is quiet, elegant, and powerful.

We spend a lot of effort to make sure our shoji have pleasing proportions, we do not "cookie cutter" them. Each screen is looked at and proportions adjusted to be as harmonious as possible. We use various geometric ratios, sometimes 1-2 or 3-1 etc. and on occasion the golden section (1-1.618) or even the Fibonacci series (1-1-2-3-5-8 etc.).  Some shoji work up easier than others, these screens practically fell together.

These shoji screens are 1-2  ratio overall  (half as wide as they are tall).
The panel is 3-1. The panel height is one sixth of the screen height, six kumiko rectangles equal the wood panel in size.
And the kumiko grid is 2-1, same proportion as the entire shoji, tipped on it's side.
All of this is subliminal, but results in relaxed and pleasing proportions.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eclectic Home

Custom shoji screens for a closet opening, span is 71-3/4" by 80". Shoji are build in Beech with Port Orford Cedar kumiko, 0.3 mm Kinwashi Warlon Paper and Ebony inlaid door pulls.

It's a pretty combination on these shoji.

Craig Wilkinson Inc

Custom shoji screens for a new home construction in Mississippi. The black satin stain is actually a dye with tinted lacquer over the top. Ed prefers this application as it allows some of the wood grain to show through - they don't have the painted plastic look. All 10 shoji screens in this order are close to 8' tall - pictured above is a set of 4 all 48" wide, only 3 are visible.

Above is the set of 3 shoji screens also for the dining room - 38" wide. 

Above is the 2 shoji for the study and a pocket door for the kitchen.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Ludlow Too

We are fortunate to have many repeat clients, thank you!
 Here are two shoji made for a client's new home, built in beech with a beech panel
and our fancy Kumiko pattern 18.  We used 0.45 white Warlon laminated paper 
as "Zack" (a small dog) proofing. 

These shoji fit over sliding glass exterior doors, and the shoji propped in front goes in a horizontal window over the doors.

Most shoji look similar from 10 feet away- color of wood or design will show, but not the quality of construction. So, we included these shots to show some very closeup detail. The pencil point gives some scale- first up are some kumiko ends, note the tiny clean beveling. It finishes the work nicely, the cherry on top, so to speak.

This shows how accurately we inlay Ebony pulls.

Here are some details of the tight joinery in the kumiko grids When we put them together, there is a little click or squeak -they are tight! The camera was about three inches away when these were taken.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sliding Window Shoji 13 years later

Professional images by Chaffee Photographic. Thank you very much!

And a very nice note - 
   Hi Edward, It was great seeing you again and we look forward to having you work with us in our new home. In 2003 you created pocket shoji window coverings for our living room and dining room. This was a new construction home so you worked closely with our builder throughout the project and the result was a seamless, beautiful addition to our Asian decor. The materials you used were excellent quality and have endured these 13 years, looking as pristine now as they were new.
   The sale of our home was greatly influenced by the beautiful shoji and how well they were made. When we bought our 'new' existing home we wanted to include some shoji accent and knew exactly who to contact! Thanks for working with us again and will be excited to see the finished project. --      Blessings, Bruce and Gaylene

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shoji install Florida

Many thanks to our client for sending these great pictures of her shoji screens installed. We love seeing our shoji in their new home. Quick shop picture page

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Specialty Laminates for Shoji Screens

3form and Lumicor have introduced laminated acrylics with wood slats embedded. Nice product.

Here's a picture from 3form's website.

And this very nice example from Lumicor's website.