Tuesday, November 21, 2017


A nice set of Beech shoji with Opaque White Warlon paper, Port Orford Cedar kumiko, Beech lower door panels and inlaid Japanese Cherry door pulls. A pocket door and a pair of sliding screens for a closet.

The closet pair of shoji.

This is an open kumiko (grid) screen, no paper, to go over a white glass wall -we took the picture on a piece of white cardboard.

Detail of  this single sided kumiko.

Japanese cherry pull in a beech screen.

A satin nickel edge pull, for getting a pocket door out of the pocket.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Cherry Shoji Screens - 97-3/4" tall - with Cherry lower panels, Golden Flax Warlon Paper and inlaid Ebony door pulls. A close up of the inlaid door pull is below. 

Beech Shoji Screens with Port Orford Cedar Kumiko, White Warlon paper and Japanese Cherry inlaid door pulls.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Beech Shoji screens with Port Orford Cedar kumiko, Beech lower doors panels, White Unryu Warlon Acrylic and inlaid Ebony Door pulls. Below is a detail of the inlaid pull and a shot of  tracking and side jambs.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Eucalyptus Terrace CA

Custom Shoji Screens
Custom Shoji - 9.5 by 3 feet - in unfinished Sapele and 2.0 mm White Unryu Warlon Acrylic.
Client is finishing these on site. And then there's the monster crate, a weighty shipment.

Client install - MN

Custom Shoji Screens
Remodel complete - our client was kind enough to send pictures of his Shoji screens installed. I really like the different wood tones in the room and how they complement each other.

Monday, September 25, 2017


12 screens for a yoga/zen/judo teaching center.  Well, 13 actually - we often run a few extra parts in case we lose one in manufacturing, and in this case, had enough to build an extra screen- might be useful to have around if those martial arts people get wild!

These screens have a nice proportion at 1-2 for the overall screen and 1-1 (squares) for the kumiko pattern.  Elegant and quiet in effect.

Screens and track ready to go - people sometimes ask about our crating costs. They don't ask after they see the crates. We make beautiful custom work and believe it is far better to go to the effort of first class packaging than to build replacements because of shipping damage.  Plus, the crate and track crate can be used  as a hull and outrigger in an expedition mounted to explore the South Pacific......

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Beech Shoji screens for a closet, span is about 106" by 80". Instead of Warlon laminated paper the client chose 2.0 mm Unryu Acrylic from Warlon. This Acrylic is more opaque, more light bounces back than goes through, hence the shadows from clothes in the closet will not be as noticeable. Comparison pictures below.