Wednesday, November 11, 2020



Beautiful little shoji screens built in Beech with 1 mm bamboo Warlon and our K20 pattern.
These are pocket shoji, so the outer stiles are 1/2" wider to go into the pocket and make sure no gap shows. The darker backdrop, pictured below, really pops the bamboo pattern.
(The change in shoji wood color is due to the camera compensating
for a different background tone.)
The horizontal kumiko that end on a vertical kumiko are angle cut
so the join is not visible from the side.

Wood clamps and wedges hold the join
together while the glue dries.
This is the kumiko/insert sandwich - Spacers are cut from cardboard  to align the upper and lower kumiko grids during assembly or the vertical kumiko will not align properly.
And of course Elvis had to step in for scale.