Thursday, December 15, 2011


Eight tea house shoji in Port Orford Cedar with Warlon Acrylic inserts. There are two different sized openings and Ed was able to get the horizontal kumiko to align across all. The effect, when the shoji meet in the corners on either side of the posts, will be balanced.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Growler' Proofing

Meet Growler. We replaced the paper inserts and added kumiko to the bottom of these four shoji screens in hopes that Growler would not be able to dent the paper anymore. He apparently kept 'bumping' into the bottom of the shoji during his daily exercise routine.

Shop picture of one of the shoji screens. Ed added two horizontal kumiko in each of the two lower grid areas.

Indian Wells

For an opening between the kitchen and dining room, this shoji will be fixed in a floor to ceiling wall opening to provide light. Shoji size is 35" x 106" tall. Custom kumiko pattern and custom stain color with 2.0 mm Warlon Acrylic insert material.

Four shoji, only two pictured, to act as an office room divider. Shoji to span 15 feet with each shoji approximately 45" x 95" tall. Built all in Cherry with 0.45 mm White Warlon insert material and ebony inlaid door pulls.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Cafe doors with Warlon Acrylic insert material. These install with pivot hinges that return via gravity instead of a spring.

Close-up of the inner half the lower hinge. Also a radius was milled into the stile edge to facilitate swinging.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crandall Ritzu

I've always loved this picture. I'm finally updating that website portfolio page with the newer images sent by our client. You can see the rest of the install here .

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Fixed shoji panels in Beech with 2.0 mm Warlon Acrylic and the client's kumiko pattern.

 Built to the designer's specifications regarding the frame detail. I'd really like to see them installed.

Close-up of the stile / rail detail.


A shoji to cover the lower half of a window, 94" wide by 21" tall. The shoji installs with single wood tracking so it can be removed to clean when needed. The client wanted the Fibonacci kumiko pattern turned on it's side. Challenging but workable.

Close-up of the kumiko pattern.

A second shoji for a different window 70" wide by 19" tall. The change in proportions required a change in the kumiko pattern.

A sideways view of the second shoji's kumiko pattern.

Arnolds HF

Cherry shoji with cherry kumiko and 0.3 mm White Warlon paper. These shoji will install floor to ceiling with bi-fold tracking. The upper rail is thicker to cover the upper arch of the opening. The open kumiko grid is to allow circulation for the HVAC system in the condo.

Close-up of the upper kumiko; Ed wanted to add some interest so he alternated the horizontal kumiko to give it visual depth.

Another shot of the upper kumiko area.

The counter these shoji will be installed on is angled so Ed milled the stiles to meet at the exact angle the client provided.

Close-up of the reveal on the front shoji stile.

The look from the back.

Little shoji for a cabinet I believe.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Beech shoji with cherry panels to be linked as one pocket door. There is another pocket door behind that stack.

Bright brass edge pull and an inlaid ebony door pull.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Cherry shoji screens with Port Orford Cedar Kumiko (white cedar) and Kinwashi Warlon paper.

Shoji for above a desk area, hence the low placement of the door pulls. The cherry was highly figured so there are a lot of detail pictures to show it off.

The rest of the shoji for the library.

Detail of an inlaid ebony door pull and an edge pull which is Baldwin in oil-rubbed Bronze.

One of the three shoji for the study with a couple of shots of the 'bella' figure below.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Cherry shoji screens with Chiri Warlon Paper and Ebony pulls. These will be installed with wood tracking on a loft half-wall.

This picture has a better color than the first one...

Chiri is one of our newest Warlon papers, not even on the website yet.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Shoji with black satin stain and fancy kumiko patterns with our new white Haruki Warlon paper. There is a stack of ten on the left, all fancy pattern 18, different sizes. On the right are the Zen Den shoji spread out.

A better attempt at the Zen Den shoji picture taking. I love the look of the book-matched design.

The hinged closet shoji for Terry's room. This pattern requires 7 different specifically cut kumiko pieces so when you're assembling you have 4 vertical kumiko stacks and 3 horizontal kumiko stacks to keep track of. It's easy to create something new and different and entirely not what you want. And then you build the back! Assembly table pictured below.

Guest closet shoji above with the window shoji, below, in a complimentary pattern.

Anytime a kumiko pattern has a free floating ends the tips must be detail beveled. Here is a shot of the 'lion trimmer' with a pile of nibbled ends, the kumiko are trimmed before stain. And a length of kumiko with a close-up of the beveled end.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Beech shoji with Cedar kumiko and Amber Warlon paper. The kumiko pattern is based on the Fibonnaci numerical sequence. There are four shoji with only two pictured here.

Single shoji view.

Kumiko pattern close-up.

Japanese cherry door pull in a beech wood frame.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Cherry shoji screens with Cedar kumiko in one of our fancy patterns.


Another close up of the wood tones. Both the cherry and cedar will darken a bit, I love the color combination.