Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GFM Install

Thanks to our client that sent a picture of his shoji installed.
What a beautiful room.


Custom Shoji in Beech with Cedar kumiko, 2 mm Warlon Acrylic insert material and inlaid Ebony door pulls for a window. Included is 2 channel finished wood tracking and side jambs.

Detail picture of the kumiko joins.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Oldies but goodies

One of our Seattle clients need the paper in her shoji replaced. Her shoji are so old that the screen was 1" thick.. that was back in 2000 I believe.

A piece of the old, stained paper next to the newly re-papered shoji.

The replacement paper is 0.3 mm White Haruki Warlon paper.

Shoji are built in Cherry with inlaid Ebony door pulls.


Custom shoji screens built in Cherry to span 92" x 80", bi-part install with wood tracking. The kumiko pattern has a bit of a prairie style and the insert material is 2 mm Amber Warlon Acrylic. The lower shoji panels are Cherry and the inlaid door pulls are Ebony.