Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Growler' Proofing

Meet Growler. We replaced the paper inserts and added kumiko to the bottom of these four shoji screens in hopes that Growler would not be able to dent the paper anymore. He apparently kept 'bumping' into the bottom of the shoji during his daily exercise routine.

Shop picture of one of the shoji screens. Ed added two horizontal kumiko in each of the two lower grid areas.

Indian Wells

For an opening between the kitchen and dining room, this shoji will be fixed in a floor to ceiling wall opening to provide light. Shoji size is 35" x 106" tall. Custom kumiko pattern and custom stain color with 2.0 mm Warlon Acrylic insert material.

Four shoji, only two pictured, to act as an office room divider. Shoji to span 15 feet with each shoji approximately 45" x 95" tall. Built all in Cherry with 0.45 mm White Warlon insert material and ebony inlaid door pulls.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Cafe doors with Warlon Acrylic insert material. These install with pivot hinges that return via gravity instead of a spring.

Close-up of the inner half the lower hinge. Also a radius was milled into the stile edge to facilitate swinging.