Monday, May 10, 2021

4M Construction LLC


A Shoji pocket door - 28" x 80" x 1-3/8" and a set of closet Shoji to span 70-3/8" x 80-1/2" (including tracking). Built in Beech with 1 mm white Warlon laminated paper
and inlaid Ebony door pulls. Ed's guitar for scale. 

Closet shoji
Trim detail

Kumiko frames
Stack of kumiko frames going together.

More kumiko parts
Some of the kumiko parts for the last three orders- the labor intensive part of a shoji screen. Every little 'stick' needs to be planed-cut to length-notched-planed again-oiled-oiled again then burnished and assembled. There are two kumiko frames per shoji and the last step is to cut the laminated paper make the kumiko-paper-kumiko sandwich that will slide into the shoji frame. K18 is a more complicated pattern with many more pieces and each of the free floating ends needs to be detail trimmed as shown above. 

Montgomery Builders Inc.

Shoji screens room divider
Beech Shoji screens with a clear finish as a room divider, each shoji is 37-9/16" x 88-5/8" x 1-3/8". Built with 1 mm White Warlon laminated paper and Ebony door pulls.
There are 4 shoji but we only had room to lay out 3 of them.

Shoji as room divider
These are large shoji screens. Elvis for scale, he is 6' tall.



Shoji room divider
Sapele Shoji screens to span 104-1/4" x 82-1/2". To be used as a room divider, they are built with 1 mm white Warlon laminated paper and Ebony door pulls.

Sapele shoji screens
Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6' tall.

Shoji inlaid Ebony door pulls