Monday, February 18, 2013


Custom Beech shoji screens with 2.0 mm White Warlon Acrylic, Ebony inlaid door pulls and edge pulls. These are the shoji pictured in drawing form on this page. They are to span a wall with two door openings. A fixed shoji creates a pocket that the three sliding shoji store in. Another fixed shoji covers a small bit of wall area to complete the look.
One of the two sliding shoji for the widest door opening, they are each 50" wide. We didn't have the free wall space to show them both at the same time.
The fixed shoji that creates the pocket. It has taller door stiles to help 'fix' it in place inside the soffit.
The second doorway shoji with the fixed shoji panel it will close against. I altered the pattern to work with the whole and look well in this narrow panel.

With a job like this there are many bits needed for install. And of course extremely stout crates to get the whole thing shipped across country in one piece.