Thursday, February 15, 2024



Beech shoji screens for bathroom remodel
Beech shoji screens for a bathroom remodel. Only two of the four pictured since we didn't have room. Total span is 120" by 96". Built with Beech lower door panels, 1 mm Kinwashi Warlon and inlaid Japanese Cherry door pulls. Install is with upper roller tracking and floor guides. Below Elvis stepped in for scale, he is 6 feet tall.

Shoji screens for bathroom remodel

Thursday, February 1, 2024



Shoji screen barn door type install

Beech shoji screens for 'barn door type' installs, closet and bathroom doors.
Prairie style kumiko pattern (14) with Bamboo Warlon - the bamboo pattern in the Warlon really pops with shadow behind it. See the image below to show the bamboo pattern in front of white for contrast.

Shoji screen closet doors