Friday, December 9, 2016

Ludlow Too

We are fortunate to have many repeat clients, thank you!
 Here are two shoji made for a client's new home, built in beech with a beech panel
and our fancy Kumiko pattern 18.  We used 0.45 white Warlon laminated paper 
as "Zack" (a small dog) proofing. 

These shoji fit over sliding glass exterior doors, and the shoji propped in front goes in a horizontal window over the doors.

Most shoji look similar from 10 feet away- color of wood or design will show, but not the quality of construction. So, we included these shots to show some very closeup detail. The pencil point gives some scale- first up are some kumiko ends, note the tiny clean beveling. It finishes the work nicely, the cherry on top, so to speak.

This shows how accurately we inlay Ebony pulls.

Here are some details of the tight joinery in the kumiko grids When we put them together, there is a little click or squeak -they are tight! The camera was about three inches away when these were taken.