Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eclectic Home

Custom shoji screens for a closet opening, span is 71-3/4" by 80". Shoji are build in Beech with Port Orford Cedar kumiko, 0.3 mm Kinwashi Warlon Paper and Ebony inlaid door pulls.

It's a pretty combination on these shoji.

Craig Wilkinson Inc

Custom shoji screens for a new home construction in Mississippi. The black satin stain is actually a dye with tinted lacquer over the top. Ed prefers this application as it allows some of the wood grain to show through - they don't have the painted plastic look. All 10 shoji screens in this order are close to 8' tall - pictured above is a set of 4 all 48" wide, only 3 are visible.

Above is the set of 3 shoji screens also for the dining room - 38" wide. 

Above is the 2 shoji for the study and a pocket door for the kitchen.