Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Sapele Shoji screens with kumiko pattern #21 and inlaid Ebony door pulls. 
Four shoji to span 157", only three pictured since we don't have enough display room in the shop for all of them. 

Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6' tall. 

Guest bath Shoji screens, both panels are hinged but the small panel has flush bolts installed, top and bottom, to fix it in place. Many detail images below in case our client needs them for install. Window grids have been added below.


Sapele Shoji screens for a hall closet with 1 mm Opaque White Warlon. 
Opaque is better for closets since it reflects less light back. The variety of items inside a closet will cause shadows in a more translucent paper.
You can see only a slight difference between the two backdrops.

Two smaller Shoji doors for a different closet.

Elvis steps in for scale.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Variations on our kumiko pattern 18

K pattern #18 - three shoji to span opening.

K pattern #18 - two shoji to span opening.