Monday, May 16, 2022



Shoji screens for a closet install, built in Beech with 1 mm Warlon. 
Each shoji is 37" x 77-3/8" x 1-3/8". 
Below Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 ft tall.

Sliding shoji screens

Just for fun - a bit of wood contrast.
Maple shoji - Beech shoji - Koa electric guitar.

The House Whisperer


Custom shoji screens built in Maple with 1 mm Warlon laminated paper and inlaid Ebony door pulls. Each shoji is 35-3/8" x 75-5/8" x 1-3/8".
Below Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 ft tall.

Room entry shoji screens

Detail of stile/top rail/kumiko

Friday, April 22, 2022

Rockridge Building Co


 Custom shoji screens built as a wall / room divider, built in Cherry with 1 mm Warlon and Japanese Cherry inlaid door pulls. This is the largest shoji 54" wide by 96" tall. 
One of six all different sizes - normally we spread them out for a photo, but these were so large we did not have room. We're really hoping the contractor will take pictures so we can see them installed!

Elvis stepped in for scale-he is 6' tall.

 More of the shoji. Note the aluminum clips on the edges- below are closeups and an explanation.

Two of the shoji screens meet at a 45 degree angle, so one stile on each has a 22.5 degree bevel.

Four of the shoji are to be paired, two joined together to function as one. This aluminum piece is called a french cleat- you can see how they interlock. Ed milled these for this job. The middle stiles are 1/2 the width of the others, so joined together they have the same width.

shoji roller tracking

This shows the two narrow stiles joined together with a reinforcing strap across the top. Also attached is a hanger bracket for the track rollers. The same strap is at the bottom of the pair of joined shoji that Ed also milled for this job.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Henry Gao - Honjo Residence


Beech shoji screens to span 146" with 1 mm White Warlon and inlaid Japanese Cherry door pulls. Each shoji 50" x 80" x 1-3/8". All three shoji will slide to one side with wood upper tracking and Sugatsune floor tracking with door rollers. Pictures of the bottom door rollers below - they engage a 'V' shaped metal floor channel inlaid into the wood flooring.
Also below, Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 feet tall.

Japanese shoji doors

Sugatsune Shoji roller tracking

The metal spacer is needed as the rollers install in a groove routed in the bottom rail for joinery screw. The spacer ensures the roller is secure and flush with the bottom of the shoji door. Ed milled them specifically for this application.
Door pull inlaid into shoji screen stile.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Distinctive Remodeling Inc


Beech shoji screens to span 113-3/4", each shoji is 29-3/8" x 79-3/4".
Built as a room divider, the two middle shoji will slide left/right to open. 
Below Elvis stepped in for scale, he is 6' tall.

Beech shoji screens

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Truppin Brown


Shoji screens built in Maple with kumiko pattern #13, Kinwashi Warlon and inlaid Japanese Cherry door pulls. Shoji room divider, each door on it's own track, with floor tracking, to slide fully left or right. Each shoji 30-1/2" x 96-3/16". 

Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6' tall.

Detail inlaid door pull.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022



 Maple shoji screens for a double pocket with 1 mm Kinwashi Warlon laminated paper. 
Each shoji door is 40" x 80".

Elvis steps in for size. He is 6' tall.

Kumiko pattern proportion contrast. Same basic kumiko pattern with proportion changes
based on the height/width of the shoji door panels.
The shoji screen on the right is 96-3/16" tall.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022



Master closet shoji screens. Built in Beech with 1mm Chiri Warlon and a custom kumiko pattern. We didn't have room to lay all three shoji out for the picture. 
The two below are for the same closet different wall. 
There are two shoji screens for the TV cabinet, similar size to the master closet shoji but with 1mm Kinwashi Warlon instead of Chiri.
Ed took pictures of them side by side.
Elvis with shoji screens
And of course Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 ft tall.




Tuesday, January 25, 2022



Shoji pocket doors

Maple shoji screens for a triple pocket install. Built with Maple lower door panels, 1 mm white Warlon and inlaid Ebony door pulls.

Elvis stepped in for scale, he is 6 ft tall.