Tuesday, December 1, 2020



Three shoji screens to span 108" wide opening. Built in Maple with a Sapele 'moon' and Sapele bottom door panels. Each shoji is 37-3/8" x 88-5/8". The pictures don't do these justice - so pretty in person. We worked with our client on the kumiko pattern. 
Frances did a wonderful job on the layout, note how the lower kumiko lead the eye to a "horizon" where the  moon quietly sets.
We are much better at making shoji than taking photo's-
those Sapele panels have a ribbon grain and absolutely glow with reflective beauty.
Praise the tree, we had nothing to do with that!
The moon shows a bit darker than actual in the photo.

This is a better color example. Pencil for scale. We try to keep the joints tight!
All our free floating kumiko ends are beveled to finish them off cleanly.
Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 ft tall.
Shoji pocket door with the same kumiko pattern scaled down for this 28" x 80" door.