Thursday, January 31, 2013


Three closet shoji (only two pictured) in beech, stained a dark cherry color, with natural beech kumiko, 0.3mm opaque white Warlon paper and inlaid ebony door pulls. Approximately shoji size is 43" x 84".

Here's a close-up showing the nice color contrast between the stained frames and natural beech kumiko.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Custom Kumiko Two

A different client sent us a drawing of what he had in mind for the kumiko his shoji and I translated it into this pattern which he was pleased with.

This order is not in production yet, I'll post some process pictures once it is.

Custom Kumiko Pattern

We're working on a set of shoji that need to span 209" of doorway and wall space where each section is a different width. The kumiko pattern our client choose needed to be customized to look pleasing across that many differently proportioned shoji.

The first image is from inside the room. The fixed shoji are represented with lighter frames. The one large fixed shoji panel will form a pocket that the three sliding shoji store behind.

Here's what that wall of shoji will look like from the other side.

And here's the stack of kumiko frames piling up. The frames are resting against kumiko for a different job, I like the way they look all stacked up without the laminated paper installed.