Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Beech shoji screens with 0.2 mm Bamboo Warlon paper, Cherry lower door panels and a kumiko pattern we think looks especially well with the Bamboo paper.

The other side just to show the figure difference in the lower door panels. There's not as much of a color difference, that's just in the photograph.


Fir shoji screens to match existing shoji doors nearby in the house.

Inlaid Ebony door pull close up.

Wave pattern in the Fir wood tracking.


One of three Beech shoji screens, 44" wide by 96" tall, with Port Orford Cedar kumiko and 0.3 mm White Warlon Paper. We didn't have enough space to spread them all out.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Stone River Studio

Beech shoji screen doors with 2.0 mm Amber Warlon Acrylic insert material, inlaid Ebony door pulls and Beech lower shoji panels that Ed found with really nice figure in them.

All three panels have this lovely figure in them.

There are four Beech shoji cabinet panels, two pictured here, with 
.3 mm Amber Kinwashi Warlon papers.

A picture to show the sizes, the cabinet is floor to ceiling - the sliding shoji 
doors will have a Ranma above them.

The tracking / jamb framework for the sliding shoji. 
All in finished Beech.