Wednesday, November 29, 2023



 Closet shoji sliding doors built in Beech with Sapele mid-panels,
Chiri Warlon and inlaid Ebony door pulls.

Elvis stepped in for scale. He is 6 feet tall.
Shoji span is 93-1/2"

Detail of Sapele mid-panels.

Monday, November 6, 2023

NG Brown


  Closet shoji screens built in Beech with Opaque white Warlon. Too many to lay them all out like we usually do. Ed apparently misplaced Elvis so no way to see the scale of these.
The two widest closet shoji in the back are 53"in width if that helps.
The interior window shoji in front are 47-3/8" W by 36" H.
Another view below.

The interior window shoji and the two narrow pivot-hinge swing door shoji have white Warlon instead of the opaque white Warlon used in the closets.The denser opaque white warlon looks brighter for closets since it doesn't show shadow from the closet interior.