Friday, September 26, 2014


Beech Shoji screens with Beech lower door panels, kumiko pattern #6 and 0.3 mm Opaque White Warlon Paper. The two middle Shoji doors are fixed and the two outside Shoji are the bathroom and the laundry room entry doors. A very elegant pattern, each horizontal section within the kumiko is the same size as the panel.

Inlaid Japanese Cherry door pull.

We took these photos to show some of the things we think sets our shoji shop apart. The wall  has a 1" recess where the fixed shoji go (the middle ones in the photo above), and that created quite the install challenge since the shoji are 1 3/8" thick! We had to make some special trim parts.

This is the wood blocking that supports the aluminum upper tracking. In this photo the parts are laid flat, That black screw holds the assembly to the wall. The groove in the wood blocking or 'beam' makes it easier to install as the screw can go anywhere there is blocking in the wall, no need to countersink for the screw head- easy peasy!

This shows the "french cleat" (the interlocking metal clips) used to attach the valance to the track mounting block. This allows easy install and removal of the valance.

This is the mitered return on the valance, it returns back to the wall.

These are specially cut jambs for this job.