Friday, July 8, 2011


Shoji with black satin stain and fancy kumiko patterns with our new white Haruki Warlon paper. There is a stack of ten on the left, all fancy pattern 18, different sizes. On the right are the Zen Den shoji spread out.

A better attempt at the Zen Den shoji picture taking. I love the look of the book-matched design.

The hinged closet shoji for Terry's room. This pattern requires 7 different specifically cut kumiko pieces so when you're assembling you have 4 vertical kumiko stacks and 3 horizontal kumiko stacks to keep track of. It's easy to create something new and different and entirely not what you want. And then you build the back! Assembly table pictured below.

Guest closet shoji above with the window shoji, below, in a complimentary pattern.

Anytime a kumiko pattern has a free floating ends the tips must be detail beveled. Here is a shot of the 'lion trimmer' with a pile of nibbled ends, the kumiko are trimmed before stain. And a length of kumiko with a close-up of the beveled end.