Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warlon Tough Top.

We have a new product! The advertising photo for Tough Top in the Warlon catalog is so fun I wanted to give it some air time. Warlon states Tough Top has a 'general shoji strength 4 times that of paper. (and my favorite) Dusting and mischief of child all right.'

This paper will tear from the edge though once in a shoji frame that would not be a concern. The information from our product catalog states that if it is dented it will come back to flat with a little heat. Tough Top will also adhere to kumiko with wheat paste or glue so is like traditional Japanese paper without the ability to poke a hole in it with your finger.

Here are the 'working' instructions from the catalog.

Visually, Tough Top is a white, fairly opaque paper with visible paper fibers apparent on one side. It seems to have a front and a back though the difference is subtle.