Monday, May 4, 2015


Custom folding shoji screen as a room divider for an office. Built in Cherry with 2 mm Amber Warlon Acrylic. This was built as a flexible use screen, able to be moved around based on office layout and privacy needs.  We use a very high grade stainless steel double acting hinge,so each panel can be folded forward or backwards. 

This shoji had to compliment the other sliding shoji screens we'd made for this client previously. Notice how much paler the new cherry is compared to the year old shoji screens. It will take a month or so and the new wood will 'cherry up' as one client put it.

The lower shoji panels, hence mid-rails, are about the same height from the floor to aid the shoji complimenting each other.

A nice detail, the horizontal kumiko end on the vertical kumiko cleanly, with no joinery cut visible from the side.

The tapered half lap joint used to get that clean outer edge. The full half lap shown in the rear is used when the kumiko form a full cross.