Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Warlon Shoji Papers

The new Warlon shoji papers we ordered are finally on our website.
We decided to try another 0.3 mm thick Warlon we're calling Golden Flax since that is what the long fibers encased in the paper look like.

There's a really pretty picture of it on the Warlon website - http://warlon.co.jp/en/products/product-features/ - we do need better images.

We also decided to add an acrylic that is a combination of the very translucent 2.0 mm White Warlon Acrylic and the Smooth White Acrylic we already carry. More opaque, so more light reflective, with a long silky 'paper fiber' look.. the best of both. We're calling it White Unryu since we have quite a few white acrylics now. Pictured below.