Monday, April 1, 2024

Light walls and wall shoji

Just finished a shoji that will be added to two already built and installed. We've done that a few times so I thought I'd put up a post and add light walls. Often when clients put a shoji over a wall surface they will add lighting (like rope lighting) behind to brighten the area. 

Sliding shoji screen installation

Custom cherry shoji screen

The picture below shows the additional shoji screen installed over the wall on the right - I believe they were going to add lighting behind this shoji panel since the ceiling light above only illuminates the two sliding shoji doors.

Shoji door install

This picture (below) is of a dark basement well window that the client wanted to brighten up so they installed lighting around the edges to illuminate the shoji. 

There are more but I don't have pictures of them all installed. Below is the largest light wall of shoji I have a picture of. It's been a few years so I can't remember if this was a dark basement or attic that was turned into a family room.

Light wall of shoji screens